About us

Meadows Montessori was established by Anne-Mi Herren and Kirsty Matthews-Künzi and provides childcare services for children age 3 and up until they are old enough to attend elementary school.

Meadows Montessori offers an excellent school preparation program that addresses both, social and educational aspects.

Kirsty Matthews-Künzi (1982), Inhaberin & Montessori Lehrerin

Kirsty Matthews-Künzi (1982), Inhaberin & Montessori Lehrerin

I was born in Scotland and at a young age moved to South Africa. I spend 14 years in South Africa where I did all my schooling.

I came to Switzerland in 2001 where I worked as an au-pair for 2 years. In 2003 I got married and started studying Montessori.

I have the Montessori teacher diploma for 0-3 years as well as the 3-6 years. After finishing my Montessori studies, I started the Swiss Early Childhood Educator. I have also completed other courses such as coaching, team management, self-management, Montessori leader,”Berufsbilderin”.

In 2007 I decided to open up Meadows Montessori and in 2010 I added the second kindergarten group and the crèche.

My idea and vision of why I opened up Meadows was and still is... every child deserves a good start in life it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to give children a good start in life. 10 years down the line, I still believe in this.

In 2012 my first daughter was born and in 2014 my second daughter was born. And now more than ever I support my belief as I want to give my children and every other child the best that they can possible have. I love working with children, seeing how they progress

and learn, I believe they are our future and we should help them do the best they possible can. My one favorite quote is:


“the best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

And I truly believe and teach by the famous Montessori quote of “help to do it myself”.

Victoria López-Weiss (1977), Montessori Lehrerin

Victoria López-Weiss (1977), Montessori Lehrerin

I was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I studied at an International School through all my Elementary and High School years.

I have a University degree on Tourism Management, but during my studies I worked in the 1st Montessori pre-school in Honduras for 8 years, and it was then that I realized my passion for teaching and interacting with children. I also got a degree on Psychological Foundations of the Teaching-Learning Process.   Then I got married and went to live to Spain for 7 years, during this time I worked as an English teacher for children and adults.

Then in 2013 we decided to come to Zurich (my husband’s hometown) and established our home here. I worked my first years as a full-time nanny for 2 lovely children.

In early 2015 I became part of the Meadows Montessori team,and I am proud to be a group leader in the Beaver group. I also started my studies in the Montessori Internationales Ausbildungszentrum in Munich, Germany, in order to become a qualified Montessori directress. I’m also actually studying the German language at the EB Zürich.

I’m very proud to be part of the education in each child that comes across our kindergarten. I believe that teachers and parents should be interconnected to build up the best in each child.  I am also a firm believer in Montessori, which supports that education is based on daily experiences that help the absorbent mind of the child to form the future adult.

Two of my favourite Maria Montessori quotes which I believe and stand up for are:


“If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men”.

“Of all things love is the most potent”.

Maria Montessori

Ricarda Meili (1992), Fachfrau Betreuung & ab 2017 in Ausbildung zur Montessori Lehrerin

Ricarda Meili (1992), Fachfrau Betreuung & ab 2017 in Ausbildung zur Montessori Lehrerin

My name is Ricarda Meili. I have been married and living with my husband in Winterthur since a year. In my spare time, I like to be creative, bake and love to cook. Amongst my favorite activities are playing volleyball and tennis, singing and playing the piano.

I was raised in the canton of Graubünden. I was living in Davos and in Chur for a long time. For professional reasons however, I then moved to Zurich. At the BKE in Zurich Oerlikon I completed my 3-year apprenticeship to become a Professional in Daycare. I was able to complete the practical part of my education at a nursery school. After my education, I worked as an assistant / all-rounder at the Swiss International School in Winterthur..

For one and a half years I was able to work as a Kindergarten Teacher at the Swiss International School in Zurich Wollishofen. I like the work with the kindergarten children very much and I am very glad to be able to continue working in my dream job.

Since October 2016 I have been working as a co-worker in the Meadows Montessori Kindergarten. In this short time, I was already able to acquire many impressions and great experiences. I greatly appreciate the time that I spend with the children and I am looking forward to the things that are to come.


“The interests of a child depend on the opportunities to make its own discoveries.”

Maria Montessori

Fatima Hodza (1999), Lehrling

Fatima Hodza (1999), Lehrling

My name is Fatima Hodza and I am 17 years old. My parents originally come from Kosovo, and I was born in Switzerland, so I speak fluent German. I have been living in Embrach for three years with my parents and two siblings.

I completed an internship as a specialist in childcare for two years while going to school at the same time. Since I grew up in a large family, I am used to being in contact with a lot of children and I like to spend time with them. Apart from that, I like to play football, to cook and to be outdoors. I am a very open hearted, helpful and tidy person and I have a big heart for children.

I have been working as an intern at Meadows Montessori for one year and after the 2017 summer I am going to start a three-year apprenticeship FaBe and I ‘m looking forward to this upcoming time with the team and the children.


"Let me do my mistakes and efforts, for I can learn from them."

Maria Montessori

Jamee Klinger (1998), Lehrling

Jamee Klinger (1998), Lehrling

My name is Jamee Klingler. I have been living in Guntmadingen, next to a horse stable for the past four years. I have spent lot of time learning how to ride in the stable next door. I’ve been practicing horseback riding as a hobby for the past 10 years, I've also passed a riding test in 2014. I also like to play the piano, but I had to stop because there wasn’t enough time left.

After secondary school, I worked for two years in childcare. During those two years, I was pondering if I really wanted to learn this profession and considered other professions as well. After searching for a long time, childcare remained being my dream job. I’ve been working in Meadows Montessori Kindergarten since August 2016 and am very happy to start my education in 2017. I have learned a lot during this time and I’ve noticed that every day a new experience awaits.

I like to travel and discover new places. That is why I travelled to Malta in 2015 for three months to participate in a language course to improve my English skills.

I like to spend my spare time with my friends and occasionally also with baking.


"Have patience to understand my ways."

Maria Montessori

Michaela Marcolin (1968), Bürofachfrau

Michaela Marcolin (1968), Bürofachfrau

My name is Michaela Marcolin and I was born August 9th 1968 in Zurich, I live with my three children (12/12/17) in Hochfelden. Since October 2012 I am responsible for [maintaining] the office at Meadows Montessori Kindergarten and support the whole team with great joy.

After an apprenticeship as a florist and a short time of working in my profession, I quite quickly changed to the commercial area. I then was active in various positions in that sector such as; in a recruitment consultancy as a HR consultant, at IBM Switzerland as a management assistant, and at Migros Zürich, as marketing manager in product marketing.

After the birth of my first daughter, Kristina in the year 2000, I continued to work as a marketing and sales assistant for an IT recruitment consultancy one day a week.

Four years later, when my twins Natalie and Eric were born, I took a year off and afterwards joined the fitness center Oxygym to work in their childcare center. After another two-year break, I had the desire to go back to the professional environment and as the children were now bigger, I was able to work again. To my great joy, I found this position at Meadows Montessori, which [I greatly value / is a lot of fun] for being so diverse and exciting. I appreciate the environment with the children and the great team very much.


"A miracle can be hidden in every inconspicuous thing."

Ana, extra help

Ana, extra help

I was born in 1988 in Equatorial Guinea a country in central Africa. At the age of 10 , I moved to Spain, where I did all of my schooling. I did an apprenticeship of Finance and then on to my Bachelor of Economics in Madrid.

In February 2017 I moved to Switzerland to be with my boyfriend. After 5 months of being here in Switzerland, I have started German course and have joined Meadows Montessori. This is where I will continue my journey working with children. I have a lot of hands on experience and I am excited to learn more every day.

One of the many quotes that I love the most is:

“Tell me something and I will forget, teach me and I`ll remember it, involve me and I’ll learn it.”

For me children have an enormous potential that makes them little miracles and we need to keep helping them, showing them the way and guiding them, for them to reach that potential.